about lauren.

Agnostic. Bisexual. Bastard child. Fashionista bargain hunter. Hapless romantic.

Lover of profanity. Progressive pugilist swamp-slayer. Psoriasis sufferer. Survivor.

Southern by birth, Southern Californian by the grace of Gaia,

currently in exile in Moscow on the Potomac.

Lauren Windsor is the president of Lady Libertine Media, the executive producer of The Undercurrent and Project Veritas Exposed, the executive director of American Family Voices, and a partner in Democracy Partners and Mike Lux Media. In the 2020 cycle, she was the deputy communications director for the Tom Steyer presidential campaign.

Lauren launched Lady Libertine in the years following the 2008 financial crisis,

from Southern California, Ground Zero of the mortgage meltdown. She became a protest junkie in Occupy Los Angeles; launched a reporting web-show with The Young Turks;

and found her tribe under the mentorship of Robert Creamer, Joel Silberman, and Mike Lux.


"She's a beloved, indispensable pain in my ass."

Mike Lux

Partner, Democracy Partners


"[She's] good... Absolutely, I'm impressed."

Tim Phillips

Koch Brothers Operative & President, Americans for Prosperity


"One of the hottest women in Democratic politics."

Anonymous Misogynist


"Lauren is a stealth queen. She leaves no fingerprints just a lot of dropped jaws.

She flashes the smile, asks the question, puts the politician on the spot - and then she's gone.

Who was that masked woman?"

Gabriela Lemus

President, Progressive Congress

"I congratulate [her] on [her] intensity. I admire [her]."

Foster Friess

Major GOP Donor

"Fearless, feisty truth teller. Always asks timely, tough questions with a smile."

Kari Moe

Partner, Democracy Partners

"The Wonder Woman of Democratic politics who stands up to Republican bullies,

has infiltrated the Koch brothers' inner sanctum, exposing the Koch whores,

all the while afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted."

Ian Masters

Host of public radio's "Background Briefing"